Being the author of your story is hard, but being the designer of your shoes is not. Custom made products are a new trend that attracts a whole lot of potential customers who want to incorporate the correct mixture of their favorite design and color in their own way. Custom made products have always been a subject of discussion. It makes the customers empowered, they feel that they are important to the organisation.

Customised products are not just a random option for every customer to do as they like, in fact this option helps the organisation study the behaviour of the Consumers and subsequently develop products that will be in sync with the consumer’s tastes as it has been known and studied by the organisation before.

This finally helps the organisation reach a stage where the right products are made available to the right consumers at the right time.

‘Made In China’ which has begun to get associated with Inferior quality products, off late has shattered the stereotyped opinion of a number of people by producing goods and services that are not inferior. Several areas have developed that deal in the excellent production of a particular kind of product. Not only this, Customer satisfaction is kept in the high regard. If you want a pair of shoe, you’ll get it. However if you want to design a pair of shoe, you’ll get it here too.

LED shoes are customised in a number of ways.

A.The basic thing, from where it starts is the color of the LED lights. Instead of choosing from say 7 options, Create your own, unique eighth one.The number of colours you want would be decided by you. Unicolor or Multicolor its all your choice. The colors can be static or there can be color changing modes as well.

B.Experimenting with the number of colors has been an age old norm. Try something new. Ever thought about having animation on your shoes? Yes we are not joking. We are making the fantasy of that 8-year-old hidden inside you or an 8-year-old sitting beside you come true.

C.You can decide the material from which your Shoe will be made, Inside and Out. Choose what material you want your Insole, Outsole, or lining to be made of. Its all in your hands. You want your shoes to be flat or have heels. Don’t depend on the collection of the store, create your own.

D.Are you one of those, whose larger size of feet makes it almost impossible to find one pair of shoe that fits(Almost is acceptable as well). Here comes your rescue, you don’t have to pick one of your sizes instead make one of your own. Can convenience be more easily defined?

E.If you are still not satisfied with the Brightness LED shoes have, Luminous shoe laces are made for you. These shoelaces glow in the dark, are made from Polyester and other fibres. They are found in the innumerable amount of colors. From Red to Rainbow, whatever you say, it will be done.