You have completed the first two stages. You know what to seek in your LED shoe and you know you have the chance of shaping it according to your requirements as well. Finally, all you have to do is Find the one place that would fulfill all your needs.
MCB(Made Chinese best shoes) manufactory designs, processes and customises shoes for adults, kids alike. LED shoes have long been thought of being used by kids or teenagers, However gradually Adults are stepping into the new trend as well. LED shoes are available for different occasions. If you want to shed some extra kilos while shedding some light as well, Sports shoes are available for you. Contrary to the popular perception of Sports shoes being plain and restricted to a few selected colors, the Collection of MCB appeals to the masses who like to experiment with colors and unique prints.

The Factory was founded in 2006 and in a time span of 4 years reached to producing shoes for adults and Children.After that in 2013, it turned its attention towards producing LED shoes.

With an expansion in the market for LED shoes, several criteria are to be considered before putting a finger on one.

1.Size and Fitting Correctness: It is essential to see that the size mentioned in the package is correct and the fitting is accurate too.

2.Material’s Quality: The quality of the material used tells the quality of the factory. The upper material should be taken into consideration. Check the standard quality of the leather, textiles, synthetics and foam.

3.Package and Label: Appearance matters. When a customer has a luxury of more than a thousand options to choose from, even the slightest mistake can be a big turn off. Only one second and the eyes would be turned to the next product in the line. See that the factory takes care of this or not. This would help you to make a better decision.

Team culture plays a very important role in Factories spread across China.When the team is happy, the Happiness is reflected in the Output. Each member is perfect in his/her field for eg. stitching, Packing etc. When each step is handled with the utmost care, The Final product has no scope of Imperfection.

If a factory satisfies all these conditions, you would receive your product satisfactorily.

For more than six years MCB has been focusing on adapter production. It believes in providing the best service at the Best price without any compromise in the Quality. The ultimate goal is the cooperation by the suppliers for the customers and by the customers for the suppliers. High-Quality products are designed and manufactured with the assistance of more 20 research and development engineers.The objective is to generate a profit, but it is not the sole objective. MCB accepts small orders as well and each order is treated well and delivery is made through airway or by means of express.

Through the quality of the production, MCB has carved its name in Europe and the United States.